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Simplifying  Solutions:

Ample Business Solutions is a full service Sales & Marketing organization which caters to both Domestic and International markets.

Quality, Guarantee, 100% Verified Business Emails

  • Email Lists
  • Direct Mailing Lists
  • Tele-Marketing Lists
  • Fax Lists
  • Data Appending
  • Email Campaigns

Ample Business Solutions is a full service Sales & Marketing organization which caters to both Domestic and International markets. We are a competent team of IT professionals with full capability to manage a diverse range of products and services through innovative marketing strategies and help clients drive all Inside Sales functions, End-to-End Sales, Sales Management, Demand Generation and Customer Service. We specialize in helping companies to realize their full potential in order increase their sales and improve their profitability.

As leading edge marketing professionals, we understand the need to implement all the new digital marketing capabilities. It is a great opportunity to build brand value, increase revenues, and cut down on marketing expenses. Almost a decade and half back, there evolved some indicators on just how much the Internet would impact marketing over the next 15 years. Today it has proved to be true. The indicators have become milestones. The impact has been very significant. The Internet has turned into a windfall for marketing. At ABS, we understand the need to build the future marketing based on the trends in on-line marketing.

Personalized marketing will be extended beyond the website to other digital channels, including social media marketing, mobile marketing, and email marketing. We will focus on how to make the best use of Social Media Marketing Strategies and Programs. As Search Engine Optimization Gets More Complex. Customers naturally use search engines as their primary vehicle to find information on products and services. Presently, Digital Marketing Optimization is emerging as a priority.

Since the traditional media is fast becoming redundant, the shift to on-line gets focused on to the targeted audience and is truly measurable, helping the companies to focus on to build long term relationships. Our social media tactics are fully integrated in to our overall marketing strategy. Websites will be integrated with more personalization capability to enable the visitors to see the information from their visits to the sites.

Industries we serve:

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing
  • Construction
  • Finance, Insurance, Real Estate Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Public Administration
  • Retail Trade
  • Services
  • Transportation & Public Utilities Wholesale Trade

We work closely with each client to match their marketing and business strategy. We design the marketing strategies such a way that, rather than merely increase the traffic to your website, we focus on how to increase the number of quality leads and paying customers to your web site!


  • List Solutions 
  • Data Appending 
  • Email Campaigns

If your target industry is Agriculture, Mining, or Construction, it’s important that the marketing lists that you employ are accurate and contain addresses for people in these fields. Ample can provide you with one marketing list or several lists across the world with a wide range of categories and disciplines. Whether you are looking for an marketing list for a specific region, vocation, or industry, we can provide you with the exact list that you need. In addition, Ample Solution can even compile a custom marketing list to your exact specifications. Each of these marketing lists is guaranteed to contain only current information and accurate contacts to meet up for your specific needs.

List Solutions:

Our lists are built with the complete understanding of your business requirement and target market. Complimented with the latest Technological tools, our highly experienced researchers scan the length and breadth of the World Wide Web mining relevant data. Stringent Quality Process, Competitive Pricing Policy and a Service guarantee, make us a preferred partner of choice for all List Solutions.

Global B2B Email ListsGlobal B2B Direct Mail ListsB2B Tele-Marketing ListsB2B Facsimile Lists


This service helps in keeping Company’s internal master database current and accurate and also helps in retaining the existing clients and prospects. Our customized appending solutions include:

Email appending : Appending missing emails.

Multiple contacts appending : Appending multiple contacts for the existing list of business records.


Appending Solutions

Decision makers appending : Appending C-level, V-level and Director Level Decision Makers for existing list of companies with specific emails.

Target appending : Appending contacts based on job title specification.

Data appending : Appending any missing information other than emails like contact name, business name, job title, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, SIC codes, D&B Number, Employee size, Revenue size and Industry type.

Data hygiene and data validationReverse Email Appending

Email Campaigns:

Flexible & Affordable Solutions…!

Our professional and highly customized solutions are designed with intent to give competitive advantage to our clients. We facilitate efficient management of productive quality campaigns that are not only valuable but are also flexible and affordable for our clients.

Email Campaigns

Global B2B Campaigns

Let us show you why we are choice partners for not only large but also small business and other institutions

We offer customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Our sales representative are trained and experienced to guide you through the entire process and help you to effectively reach out to your target audiences. We can also assist you with creating effective email templates professionally designed by our marketing & creative teams that are exclusively customized for your email campaigns.

We at Ample ensure that you have the right solutions for your business! We take pride is supporting seasoned campaigner’s as well as someone who wants to effectively reach out to your customers for the first time. Through our email campaigns on your behalf, we will professionally deliver your content to intended audiences. We can also assist you to create awareness about your company and its products and services on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.,

About  Ample:

Our Team & Data

Our core team of professionals helps you to identify the key business opportunities, and conduct research in the areas that need attention. Latest trends and new strategies will be part of our consultancy services. We help you to identify the best suited programs for your business for paid marketing search services, to ensure every click on your web site will earn you revenues. Our effective campaign optimization plans will be a boon for your web site to earn much needed advertising revenues.

All the Contacts in our Database are 100% Opt-in who have given permission to receive third party information pertaining to their industry.

Before we deliver a project we verify emails and rest information (using in-house 410+ data team members, telemarketing team and proprietary software) and emboss each record with verification date and time stamp.

Our main list sources are as below:

  • County Courthouse and Secretary of State Data
  • Annual Reports, 10Ks and other SEC filings from sites like ( and SEC.Gov etc…)
  • New business registration and incorporation’s
  • Hoovers and other Credit rating providers
  • Website researches done by our sourcing team
  • Financial releases from Companies
  • Tele-Marketing efforts
  • Trade Shows and conferences
  • Publications (both print and online)
  • List partners and data alliances

Brief Note:

We assist Companies to acquire business list specific to their target audience with contact name, business name, job title, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, company’s information, SIC codes, Employee size, Revenue size, Industry type and contact person deliverable email address. Companies can choose from the following selects:

Vertical Market (SIC) :

•Company Size by Employee
•Company Size by Sales Revenue
•Fortune  Companies
•Job Function, Title & Seniority Level
•Geographic Location/Targets

Our Guarantee as follows:

  • 95-98% on all information about Contact Person Name, Job Title, Company/Business Name, Complete Mailing Address, Telephone/Fax Number, Website/URL, Revenue, Employee Size, SIC Code, Industry.
  • 80-85% on Business Emails (above Industry Standards).
  • Our Lists have 95% Inbox Hit rates (Depends on IP, Server and Template/Content of the Email)
  • We have 1 to 1 Replacement Policy for bad contacts if any within the guaranteed numbers.
  • Replacements if any will be done within 3-4 Business Days upon verification again.
  • We purely provide Business Emails and NO generic Id’s like “info@” OR “sales@” etc…
  • If any additional information is found incorrect we will replace the lead with new one.
  • We gather our data from several industry specific trade shows (worldwide), conferences, seminars, magazine subscriptions, online subscriptions, online portals, SEC filings, new business filings, annual reports etc. We then add these contacts to our database after obtaining permission from them via Telemarketing and Email Marketing Surveys conducted by our Global Data Center.
  • We do not crowd source the data, our data is complied ethically and is verified once every 45 days.
  • All the contacts in our database are 100% opt-in who has given permission to receive third party information pertaining to their industry and also our database is scrubbed against the DNC list so you could confidently email or call these contacts.
  • We provide all data including emails for unlimited usage wherein most of the companies only give direct mail details for unlimited use.
  • We can customize the database to a great extent than the traditional filters.
  • We do not crowd source the data, our data is complied ethically and is verified once every 45 days
  • We scrub the data against Global opt-out and SPAM TRAP database.
  • All telephone data is NCOA and CASS Certified, Telephone numbers are scrubbed against National Do Not call Database.

Please feel free to contact us for any of your specific queries.