Never underestimate the power of email

“Email? It’ll go to Spam!” “No. I beg to differ, sir. It won’t. Not on my watch.”

Due to the overwhelming amount of Spam we receive, for the uninformed, promotional and marketing emails that you send are likely to end up in the Spam folder or being marked Spam by recipients. That’s just a preconceived notion made up of half truths and undefined opinions. An ill-planned email campaign could land up in Spam, but some simple and effective techniques (such as getting the content audited by specialists, tailor-making the message and creative and choosing a reliable email database supplier) can ensure that your email marketing campaign can pay off rich dividends. It’s never wise to underestimate the power of email. It’s fast, easy to manage and execute and success is measurable by means of databases you’ve targeted, open rates, click rates and conversion rates (that can be evaluated by implementing goal conversion techniques in your website Analytics software).


Email marketing is most conducive to companies providing services in an already competitive market. A good example would be an e-commerce website. There are several websites providing online shopping and the need for you to drive traffic to your website is high. The simple exercise of short-listing a reputable company that has a database of your target audience and then telling the recipients exactly what will make them want to click and come to your website will do the job. Aesthetically appealing and effective communication can help you stand out.


Email marketing (like other marketing activities) requires continuous efforts and the fact that it is measurable makes that easy. Estimations on resource usage, technical requisites and monetary investment will help you determine targets for revenue and statistics and analytics will help you arrive at a decision on how successful you have been. Accordingly, you will be able to add, alter or change your strategy.


Email caters to one of the biggest needs of the present internet user – instant gratification. Purpose is key. If your email is current, specific and caters to a recipient’s taste and usage behaviour, you are likely to succeed.