Get ahead by following Social Media

Get ahead by following Social Media

The best thing about Social Media is that it can virally transform your brand presence almost overnight. You can go from being an Asian pop-artist to global music sensation with a click of a button (or several millions, for that matter). That’s what has worked for Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style and even Kolaveri Di. Social Media helped sensationalize these and make them known to everyone. Of course, the defining factor was that all three cases were related to the entertainment industry in some way. But, they prove one point – content that is socially shared is more likely to get you noticed.

So how exactly do you get ahead by following social media? Social Media presence is important, but don’t just jump the gun for the heck of it. Having a presence on Social Media is vital, but it’s more valid if you have something valuable going on, content-wise. Juicing your content up with interesting images and infographics makes it more appealing and understandable and hence more likely to spread virally. Keep an eye on the trend and incorporate it. A campaign that is “with-the-times” is likely to have recall value.

Attention span on the Social Media circuit is extremely low. It’s important that you engage your fans and followers with useful content. If you’re not saying the right things and not presenting it in the right way, you are likely to miss out on a lot of socially generated traction.

Let’s face it. People who are on Social Media, are self-centred. We post our pictures, tell how we feel as our statuses, Tweet the status of the traffic, the weather and how much we hate working on a holiday. Making your content more human-centric will only cater to that aspect of Social Media users. It’s a good idea to tag your followers to some posts, laud them for posting on your page and Retweet them. It’s also a good idea to resonate some of their ideas with a simplistic “well said”. We offer commissions and incentives to our Sales teams and delivery teams on revenue. It’s not a bribe. It’s an incentive for doing a good job. Incentivizing users for posting, Liking and Sharing your content also works. People love the idea of getting a freebie or a prize for doing something simple.

Social Media works, but it depends on how you use it to build relationships, engage users and make your presence matter.